OpenCV is an open-source library that is used to detect faces, things, eyes, full-body in python.

Depedencies : Python3 && opencv

File : Download the haar_cascade file👈 from Github and add it to the working directory


There are 2 ways to publish create react app one is gh-pages which su@ks. But the better way is to push the site to GitHub and deploy using Netlify or any other site like this.

  1. Save your React app locally.
  2. Select your app location in the terminal using cd my-app.

The new apple mac has a lot of efficient heat management. It is recorded that it has good heat management than a PC having water cooling system.


The fans in any laptop is connected to CPU through a copper metal heat pipe. This heat pipe is placed over the CPU…

The answer to this is Yes there is a theory string theory that says we can do it

Simply the shortest distance between two points is when we join both points in space two locations are joined using strings and we can travel through them.

Strings in space

How to make wormholes


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