Can we really teleport — String Theory

The answer to this is Yes there is a theory string theory that says we can do it

Simply the shortest distance between two points is when we join both points in space two locations are joined using strings and we can travel through them.

Strings in space

How to make wormholes

To do it, we simply need to make holes in the space-time graph, which is technically impossible to make a wormhole we need so magical elements or elements have a negative mass. Yes, that sounds odd but a negative mass is the only tool to make such holes. Negative mass pushes the space-time graph against gravity which can be used to open such wormholes. Such elements are not present on earth but the article says that NASA has such an element termed as an alien element or anti-gravity element which flies as pushes gravity. It was founded by them in Area 51 and it is said that it was collected from an alien spaceship and is hidden from media.

Antigravity matter pushing gravity

Existence of these wormholes

But some theories say that there exist a lot of such wormholes in space-time graphs. These wormholes are made when a black hole comes to end and vanishes, releasing a lot of energy. We do not know where we will go entering it but firstly how we can found. Let's take an example if you have two stars, one on each side of the wormhole, the star on our site should feel the gravitational influence of the star that’s on the other side that’s how we can start our search for a wormhole. It's unknown how to find them but finding one will be the coming future.

What can we do using these wormholes

The sexiest thing is interstellar travel means traveling between different planets which will make the existence of humanity to another level and we can find more about black holes using this which will help us to travel to the future.

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