How to publish Create-React-Website to Github🚀

There are 2 ways to publish create react app one is gh-pages which su@ks. But the better way is to push the site to GitHub and deploy using Netlify or any other site like this.

  1. Save your React app locally.
  2. Select your app location in the terminal using cd my-app.
  3. Create a repo on Github.
  4. Run these commands one by one in the terminal.

5. Now your code is pushed to GitHub now let's deploy it.

6. Go to Netlify then select a new site from git and then link your GitHub.

7. Next, select the same Repo to which you pushed your App.

8. Next, select the options as shown

9. Then deploy the site and enjoy.

You can change the site name in the site setting(Site setting is available after deploy)

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